Vocational Education

 Large number of institutions are involved in Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs in Nepal.  The Council for  Technical Education and  Vocational  Training (CTEVT) is a national autonomous apex body for TVET sub sector in Nepal. 

CTEVT is presently running two types of training programs-- three-year Diploma/PCL Level Program and 18-Month  Pre-Diploma Program. CTEVT also conducts short-term vocational training programs through its constituent and affiliated institutions.  There are curricula for 190 short-term vocational courses related to different trades and occupations. Similarly, more than 1078 institutes are affiliated with CTEVT to provide short-term training.

Formed under the  Technical Education and  Vocational Training (TEVT)  Act in 1989, CTEVT comprises of  Training Institute for  Technical Instruction (TITI) and 45  constituent Technical  Schools (including  Polytechnics and rural training centers). In addition, 546 Technical School Leaving Certificate level training institutes, 451 institutes running PCL/Diploma level programs including Partnership  Programs and 1078 training centres dealing with short-term training  are affiliated to CTEVT. Likewise, there are 397 public schools running under TECS (Technical  Education  in  Community  Schools)  modality  of  CTEVT.