PCL General Medicine (Health Assistant)

PCL General Medicine (Health Assistant)

3 years
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Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) announces launched PCL In General Medicine (Health Assistant) program.

Objectives of the Certificate Programs

The general purpose of this basic educational program is to prepare a competent and self-reliant health profession, who will be able to care for individuals, group and communities according to the principles of primary health care.

Upon completion of the program the graduate will:

  1. Utilize a sound knowledge base in giving care to well and sick individuals, families and communities.
  2. Perform preventive and therapeutic measures directed toward promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.
  3. Utilize the communication skills effectively with individuals, groups in variety of settings.
  4. Utilize the modern medical process in providing and improving health care.
  5. Assume leadership for planning, directing and evaluating care given by health workers.
  6. Teach and supervise individual, family, groups and community including health care workers.
  7. Collaborate with multi-sectoral groups to develop a healthful environment, including sefe drinking water, sanitation and other basic needs of the community.
  8. Mobilize the community to participate in the activities of the grass root health institution.
  9. Demonstrate a positive attitude and respect for cultural values in working to meet needs of the community.
  10. Continue to seek new knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Salient Features

Total Seats Available: 40

  1. Full Scholarship :- 20% 
  2. Partial Scholarship :-20% 
  3. Collaborative Scholarship :-20% 
  4. Full Tuition Fee :- 40% 


  • Candidate must be a Nepali Citizen.
  • Candidate who have passed SLC/TSLC/SEE examination or equivalent with minimum grade 'C' in English, Science & Mathematics as principle subjects and have minimum GPA 2 are eligible to apply for certificate in general medicine program or
  • All candidates who have passed SLC/SEE/TSLC with English, Science and Mathematics as a principle subjects are eligible to apply for certificate program or
  • Candidates, who has completed CMA/ANM after SLC/SEE/TSLC and scored minimum 40% in aggregate with full registration in the related Councils.