MN in Women Health and Development

MN in Women Health and Development

2 years
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Master of Nursing (MN) in Women Health Development 


  • BN/ BNS/ B.Sc. Nursing/ B. Midwifery (B. Mid is eligible only for M.Sc. Midwifery Program)
  • Registered in Nepal Nursing Council.
  • One year experience.
  • Candidates should score a minimum of 50% (Pass marks) in the Entrance Examinations conducted by Medical Education Commission for being eligible to be on the merit list.

Exam format

  • Single best response type with Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Four options (A,B,C,D).
  • No. of questions: 200
  • Recall: Understanding: Application: 30:50:20
  • Duration: 3 hours including one-time voluntary toilet break (To be allowed only after an hour).


S.No. Subjects Marks
1 Adult Nursing (Medical-Surgical Nursing) 20
2 Midwifery 20
3 Pediatric Nursing (Child Health Nursing) 20
4 Community Health Nursing 20
5 Psychiatric Nursing (Mental Health Nursing) 20
6 Nursing Research and Biostatistics 20
7 Integrated Health Science- 10% (Ana- 6, Physio- 4, Pharma- 4, Biochem- 2, Micro- 2, Patho- 2) 20
8 Educational Science 16
9 Nursing Concepts and Ethical Aspects in Nursing 16
10 Nursing Leadership and Management 16
11 Social and Behavioral Science 6
12 Geriatric Nursing 6
Total   200

Admission Criteria



Selection for admission

  1. All Nepalese/Foreign students will have to appear in common entrance examination.
  2. Merit list for Nepalese/Foreign students will be published separately.
  3. Must secure a minimum of 50% marks in entrance examinations.
  4. Admission will be on merit basis in open house counseling wherever applicable.