Master in Public Health Nutrition

Master in Public Health Nutrition

2 years
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  • Fee: NPR 888,250

Master of Public Health Nutrition (MPHN) program is offered in Maharajgunj Campus. Five students are enrolled per year.

Salient Features

Academic/Administrative rules and regulations for PG Students / Residents

  1. The P.G. students will go through a full time residential training.
  2. Must obey the rules and regulations of IOM
  3. A total of two week leave is permitted in one year in hospital based clinical/para-clinical programs (MD/MS, MDS and MD Ayurveda)
  4. In other P.G. programs vacation/leave will be as per T.U. regulation.
  5. All P.G. programs are strictly non-practicing; therefore PG Students/Residents are prohibited to undertake private practice of any kind or any other private assignment.
  6. All clinical programs (MD/MS, MDS and MD Ayurveda) will have three months community-based teaching - learning as per Nepal Medical Council’s requirement.
  7. As per Ministry of Health & Population directives, all clinical program candidates will have to serve for one year at a place assigned by the government after completion of the course. This applies to only Nepalese candidates.



  1. MBBS, BDS, BPH, BN/BNS/BSc. Nursing, B.Sc MLT/BMLT, BAMS, B.Pharmacy, B.Optometry, B.V.Sc. BASLP or equivalent from institutions recognized by the government of Nepal.
  2. Registered either in Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Health Professional Council, Nepal Pharmacy Council, Nepal Ayurveda Council or Nepal Veterinary Council.
  3. The candidate should score a minimum of 50% (Pass Marks) in the Entrance Examinations conducted by Medical Education Commission for being eligible to be on the merit list.

Exam Format

  1. Single best response type with multiple-choice questions
  2. Four options (A, B, C, D)
  3. No of questions: 200
  4. Recall: Understanding: Application- 30:50:20
  5. Duration- 3 hours including one-time voluntary toilet break.


S.No. Subjects Marks
1 Biostatistics 30
2 Epidemiology 30
3 Health Promotion and Education 20
4 Food and Nutrition 20
5 Research Methodology 12
6 Basic Medical Science 8
7 Demography and Health Informatics 8
8 Public Health and Primary Health 8
9 Environmental Health and Occupational Health 8
10 Family Health and Reproductive Health 8
11 Global Health and International Health 8
12 Sociology and Anthropology 8
13 Public Health Administration and Management 8
14 Health System Management 8
15 Project Planning, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation 8
16 Health Economics and Health Financing 8
Total   200

Admission Criteria

Selection for admission

  • All Nepalese/Foreign students will have to appear in common entrance examination.
  • Merit list for Nepalese/Foreign students will be published separately.
  • Must secure a minimum of 50% marks in entrance examinations.
  • Admission will be on merit basis in open house counseling wherever applicable.