Certificate -I in Bartending

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Certificate -I in Bartending is a 2 weeks Australian course which is ideal for students who are planning to move to Australia for their further education. After the successful completion of the course, the student will be receiving an Australian Bartending Course certificate which will help them to find a job easily when they are in Australia on student visa.
Students with good Bartending/Bar operation skills always have wonderful job opportunities in restaurant, hotels etc in Nepal aswell as in Middle East.

Curricular structure

Course contents

• Who is a Bartender?
• Bartender’s Kit
• Bar duties, hygiene and appearance;
• Bar etiquette;
• Attributes of a Bartender
• Bar equipment and Glassware
• Preparing the bar for service;
• Stocking Your Bar
• Measure for Measure
• Garnishes
• Open and serve wine
• Mixing and serving spirits
• Mixing drinks
• Cocktail styles, including shake and strain, muddling and building
• Mixing, creating, garnishing, and tasting your cocktail
• Different types of mixers, spirits, and alcohol
• How to make famous cocktails served at the bar
• Learn using real alcohol and taste your drinks
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Non-alcoholic Beverages
• Mocktails
• Cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
• Bartenders’ Secrets
• On being a Responsible Bartender