Certificate -I in Barista

0 year(s)1 month(s)

Certificate -I in Barista is ideal for students who are planning to move to Australia for their further education. After the successful completion of the course, the student will be receiving an Australian Barista Course certificate which will help them to find a job easily when they are in Australia on student visa.

Students with good Barista skills always have wonderful job opportunities in restaurant, coffee shop etc in Nepal as well as in Middle East.

Curricular structure


  1. The history of coffee; 
  2. Coffee beans 
  3. Coffee beans - Roasting & Blending 
  4. Using & setting the coffee grinder 
  5. Coffee machine operation; 
  6. Preparing a range of espresso coffees; 
  7. Texturing milk correctly; 
  8. How to make each coffee on the menu; 
  9. Coffee presentation; 
  10. Cleaning & maintenance of equipment 
  11. OHS

Week - 2 

  1. • Preparing a range of espresso coffees; 
  2. • Preparing milk for coffee art; 
  3. • Layering of coffee; 
  4. • Coffee machine operation; 
  5. • Free pouring; 
  6. • Coffee art techniques;
  7.  • Mixing; 
  8. • Practice each popular coffee on the menu