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University of Northampton (UK)

Science and Technology

4 year(s)

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People who are keen to study a broad range of computing ideas and develop innovative solutions to problems or improvements to current situations are invited to apply for this diverse degree programme. The computing industry is continually growing and is integral to people's daily lives and businesses. In this course you will investigate the wide reaching influences that computers and computing technology have on the world, as well as the contribution you may be able to make to future advances.

This programme initially covers a range of fundamental principles pertinent to computer technology and its use throughout the world. As this course introduces all aspects of computing during Stage one, you do not need to know what area of computing you want to specialise in before you arrive. Indeed, many of our students choose to continue studying multiple computing disciplines throughout the course, thus maintaining flexibility for their future career options.

Offering Colleges (1)

Salient features

  • Provide up to date programme in the field of computing; relevant and responsive to the needs of industry and commerce, whilst processing academic depth and rigor appropriate to honors degree level program.
  • Develop the students' capacity for academic study and research, leading to the ability to evaluate, analyze and synthesize information, and confidence to present a personal point of view
  • Enhance the capacity of students to have broad range of ideas of computing and develop innovative solutions to problems or improvements to the current situation.
  • Make the students to investigate the wide reaching influences that computers and computing technology have on the world so that they may be able to make to future advances.
  • Equip students with skill and knowledge to enable them to embark on a range of careers, in the field of computing, or allied professions.


Standard entry requirements:
A typical offer would be 280 UCAS tariff points or 55% in 10+2/CBSE. Students must have 60% in English or IELTS score of 6.0 (or equivalent) with no skill below 5.5.

All decisions regarding an offer letter are made by the University of Northampton, UK approval.

* Students awaiting results are also encouraged to apply.
* Students who have completed Foundations Degree (Level 3/ Bridge Course) from recognized institution are also encouraged to apply.  

Curricular structure

Course Content

Year I

CSY1017Computer Communications20Compulsory (all)
CSY1014Computer Systems20Compulsory
CSY1018Internet Technology
CSY1019Software Engineering 120Compulsory
CSY1020Problem Solving & Programming20Compulsory
CSY1026 Database 120Compulsory

Student must take all modules.

Year II

CSY2002Operating System20Compulsory
CSY2026Modern Networks20Compulsory
CSY2027Group Project20Compulsory
CSY2028Web Programming20Compulsory
CSY2038Database 2
CSY2030Systems Design & Development20Compulsory

Student must take all compulsory modules

Year III

CSY4010Computing Dissertation40Compulsory
CSY3010Media Technology20Compulsory
CSY3023Cyber Security and Cryptography20Compulsory
CSY3024Database 3
CSY3025Artificial Intelligence Techniques20Compulsory

Student must take all compulsory modules. 

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