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4 year(s)

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BFA in Painting is four years course of studies. A students is expected to learn beginning with the basics of Drawing from simple geometric objects to more complex-non-living objects, mannequins, life studies from head to full life studies. As the students progresses to senior class, he or she is expected to learn in addition to a new method of art known as Printmaking, practical exposures in more matured mediums like watercolors, oil colors and acrylics. Also, the student will have learnt and made good understanding of full human figure in application to painting it. 

And finally, he or she is able to express independently known as Creative Composition - with the help of skills and knowledge learnt from earlier classes. This is in addition to the theoretical papers in Technical Theory, History of Aesthetics - World and Nepal.

For those who choose to study in Traditional Painting, beginning in First year, the student will be imparted with the basics of drawing in relation with the traditional paintings - followed by preliminary knowledge of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Different attributes like hand gestures (Mudras), body postures, vehicles (Bahanas), complexions (Varna) etc and the complex details on the elements of embellishments like depiction of halo, aureoles and the background materials are taught and introduced. As the senior student, he or she is expected to create and paint a typical Paubha' -with multiple deities. 

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Offering Colleges (1)

Curricular structure

First Year 

S.N. PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass
 1. 1 Compulsory Englishptg c1 100 35
 2. 1 Compulsory Nepaliptg c2 100 35
 3. 1 Drawingptg 3 11 100 40
4.iiPrintmakingptg 31210040
5.iiiCompositionptg 31310040
6.ivHistory of Art  Theory and Aestheticsptg 31410035

Second Year

SN.Paper SubjectCode  Full MarksPass Marks
1. iiCompulsory Englishptg c1 100 35
2. v Drawingptg 315 50 20 Head Studyptg 316 100 40
4.vii Compositionptg 317 100 40
5.viii Printmakingptg 318 100 40
6.ix Technical Theoryptg 319 50 18
7.x History of Arts & Aestheticsptg 320 100 35

Third Year

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.xiDrawingptg 3215020
2.xiiLife Studyptg 32210040
3.xiiiCompositionptg 32310040
4.xivPrintmakingptg 32410040
5.xvTechnical Theoryptg 3255018
6.xviHistory of Arts and Aestheticsptg 32610035

Fourth Year

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.xviiDrawingptg 32710040
2.xviiiLife Studyptg 32810040
3.xixCompositionptg 32910040
4.xxPrintmakingptg 33010040
5.xxiNew Mediaptg 33110040
6.xxiiHistory of Arts and Aestheticsptg 33210035