BFA in Graphic Communications

BFA in Graphic Communications

4 years

The course of BFA in Graphic Communications is an Art applied to the communication needs of growing industrial and commercial promotional activities. 

The course begins with the subjects like Typography, practical lessons to control space in design for print like press advertisements, create package designs etc. Gradually, he or she will have given detailed lessons on Image Development like Illustrations or Photography, create Corporate identity. Meanwhile, the student will also be familiar with digital tools to create camera-ready designs for print. 

In the final year, the students is expected to be fully versatile with various aspects of design, image development either by hand drawn illustrations or photography- its reproduction process and so on. And finally, the student is expected to act as an independent designer - ready to cope with any design needs and its solutions.    

Salient Features

Entrance Form Rs 1000/-

1st-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

2nd-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

3rd-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

4th-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

  • Books, stationery, and other materials are excluded from the above fees.
  • Fees are subject to change.
  • Scholarships are available to regular, talented, and needy students according to rules.


All the candidates must have passed +2. Students from every discipline are accepted.

All the candidates must appear for the entrance test and clear the test for admission.

Admission Criteria

Documents required for registration:

  •           1. Copy of SEE Mark-sheet and Character Certificate
  •           2. Original Migration Certificate of +2
  •           3. Copy of +2 Mark-sheet and Character Certificate
  •           4.  PP size photo 2 Copy
  •           5. Rs 1000/- for the Entrance form and approx. Rs 20000/- per year for admission

Job Prospects

Possible Career Paths after Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Graphic Communication 

Innovator, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Typographer, Illustrator, Animator, Art Director, Entrepreneur, Interdisciplinary Artist, Storyboard Artist, Videographer, Film-maker, Animator, Web Designer, etc.

Other options after specialization

Product Designer, Researcher, Game Designer, Interior Designer, Radio Producer, Photographer,Theatre Stage Manager, etc

Curricular Structure

Program Format:

  • Foundation: BFA First Year
  • Specialization: BFA Second, Third, and Fourth Years

Students enrolled in BFA in Painting, BFA in Sculpture, and BFA in Graphic Communication, are offered the same course in the first year and specialization starts only in the second year. 

First Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.1Compulsory Englishptg c110035
2.1Compulsory Nepaliptg c210035
3.1Drawingptg 31110040
4.iiIntroduction of Design Principles ptg 31210040
5.iiiTypographyptg 31310040
6.ivHistory of Art Theory and Aestheticsptg 31410035

Second Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.iiCompulsory EnglishGraph c110035
2.vDrawingGraph 3155020
3.viIllustrationGraph 31610040
4.viiFundamentals of DesignGraph 31710040
5.viiiIntroduction to Computer tools and PhotographyGraph 31810040
6.ixFundamental of Graphic CommunicationsGraph 3195018
7.xHistory of Arts and AestheticsGraph 32010035

Third Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.xiPacket Designgrph 3215020
2.xiiImage Development Drawing and Illustrationsgrph 32210040
3.xiiiCorporate Identity and Press Advertisementgrph 32310040
4.xivDigital Tools and Photographygrph 32410040
5.xvTechnical Theorygrph 3255018
6.xviHistory of Art & Aestheticsgrph 32610035

Fourth Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.xviCaricature Drawing and Digital Toolsgrph 32710040
2.xviiImage Developmentgrph 32810040
3.xviiiIntegrated Campaigngrph 32910040
4.xixElective Subject: Copy Writing or Elementary Animation or Elementary Interior Designgrph 33010040
5.xxProject Work/Paper Writinggrph 33110040
6.xxiHistory of Arts and Aestheticsgrph 33210035