BFA in Classical Dance (Music)

BFA in Classical Dance (Music)

BFA in Classical Dance (Music) is four years course. The course for BFA in Classical Dance (Music) has various components - based on the earlier classical practices. It's begun with preliminary Music practices in Classical and Folk Dances. It's accomplished by the sound knowledge and skills in the classical dances like Kathak or Bharatnatyam, Folk and Charya Dances are gradually introduced and given it in intense practices. 

Salient Features

Entrance Form Rs 1000/-

1st-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

2nd-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

3rd-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

4th-year admission and tuition fee approx  Rs. 20000/- per year.

  • Books, stationery, and other materials are excluded from the above fees.
  • Fees are subject to change.
  • Scholarships are available to regular, talented, and needy students according to rules.


All the candidates must have passed +2. Students from every discipline are accepted.

All the candidates must appear for the entrance test and clear the test for admission.

Admission Criteria

Documents required for registration before admission:

  •           1. Copy of SEE Mark-sheet and Character Certificate
  •           2. Original Migration Certificate of +2
  •           3. Copy of +2 Mark-sheet and Character Certificate
  •           4.  PP size photo 2 Copy
  •           5. Rs 1000/- for the Entrance form and approx. Rs 20000/- per year for admission

Job Prospects

Possible Career Paths after Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Classical Dance (Music)

Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, Dance Teacher, Talent Agent, Event Manager, Arts Administrator,  Community Arts Worker, Personal Trainer, etc.

Other options after specialization

Dance Therapist, Actor, Researcher, Radio Producer, Theatre Stage Manager, etc

Curricular Structure

Program Format: 

Foundation: BFA First Year Specialization: BFA Second, Third, and Fourth Years 

Students enrolled in BFA Classical Vocal/Instrument (Music), BFA in Classical Tabala (Music), and BFA in Classical Dance (Music), are offered the same basic course in the First Year and Specialization starts in the Second Year.

First Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1.1Compulsory Englishmus c110035
2.1Compulsory Englishmus c210035
3.1Classical Dance Practicalmus 31110040
4.iiApplied Theorymus 312 5017
5.iiiCharya Dance Practicalmus 3135020
6.ivFolk Dance Practicalmus 3145017
7.vTabala/Vocal /Instrumentmus 3155020
8.viGeneral Theorymus 21610035

Second Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1. 2Compulsory English Dan c2 100 35
2. vii Classical Dance Practical (Kathak or Bharatnatyam) Dan 317 100 40
3.viii Applied Theory Dan 318 50 17
4. ix Charya Dance Practical Dan 319 100 40
5.x Folk Dance Practical Dan 320 50 20
6.xi General Theory Dan 321 100 35
7.xiiVocal/Instrument/Tabala Dan 322 100 40
 Total 600

Third Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Mark
1.xiiiClassical Dance Practical (Kathak or Bharatnatyam)Dan. 32310040
2.xivApplied TheoryDan. 3245020
3.xvCharya Dance PracticalDan. 32510040
4.xviFolk Dance PracticalDan. 3265020
5.xviiOptional Tabala/ Vocal/Instrument PracticalDan. 32710040
6.xviiiGeneral TheoryDan. 32810035

Fourth Year 

S.N.PaperSubjectCodeFull MarksPass Marks
1. xixClassical Dance Practical (Kathak or Bharatnatyam)Dan. 32910040
2.xxApplied TheoryDan. 3305017
3. xxiCharya Dance PracticalDan. 33110040
4. xxiiFolk Dance PracticalDan. 33210040
5. xxiiiStage PerformanceDan. 33310040
6. xxivChoreographyDan. 3345020
7. xxvGeneral TheoryDan. 33510035

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