Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies

3 years
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BTS is a 3-year Degree Programme. The Programme is of 96 credits. The BTS Programme is designed for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in travel and tourism sector at different level. The Programme is aimed at familiarizing you with varied aspects of Tourism, creating awareness about tourism, imparting basic training in organizing Tourism services and opening career opportunities. The Programme will be of use to those, who are already employed (direct or indirect in Tourism Industry), intend to make career in Tourism Industry, are providing tourism related services through own enterprises or planning to become such entrepreneur. The Programme is also useful for those who are associated with tourism awareness Programmes /research and would like to update their knowledge and skills in the field of travel and tourism.

Salient Features



The admission in BTS is taken for both January and July sessions.


The examination will be taken by IGNOU through ICA.


For few programs Academic Counseling Session is provided for selective subjects only. For further details on Academic Counseling Session do kindly contact Academic Coordinator at .



10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU


  1. Transcript of SLC, & +2 Level (2 copies each)
  2. 2 PP size and 2 Auto size Photographs
  3. For proof of date of Birth one should submit Xerox copy of valid passport / citizenship / driving license (2 copies of any one) (Note: Date of birth should be mention in AD)


Curricular Structure

Structure: This program, like other Bachelor’s Degree Programs, has a 3-tier structure comprising foundation, elective and application oriented courses. Students will need to complete 96 credits.

First Year



  1. TS-1 Foundation Course in Tourism
  2. TS-2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies
  3. BSHF-101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Science
  4. BEGF-1 Foundation Course in English-1
  5. FEG-2 Foundation Course in English –2



Second Year

  1. TS-4 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism
  2. TS-5 Ecology, Environment and Tourism
  3. FST-1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology
  4. PTS-4 Project in Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism
  5. PTS-5 Project in Ecology, Environment and Tourism

Third year

Compulsory Courses


  1. TS-3 Tourism Management
  2. TS-6 Tourism Marketing
  3. PTS-6 Project- Tourism Marketing


 Optional Courses

Category 1: Only one course is to be opted from the following 

  1. BEGA-102 Writing for radio
  2. BEGA-001 Introduction to the Media
  3. AOM-01 Office Organization Management
  4. ASP-01 Secretarial Practice


Category 2: Only one course is to be opted from the following

  1. TS-7 Human Resource Development
  2. AHE-01 Human Environment
  3. EHI-01 Modern India, 1857-1964
  4. EHI-02 India: Earliest Times to the 8th Century A.D.
  5. EHI-03 India from 8th to 15th Century A.D
  6. EHI-04 India from 16th to Mid-18th Century
  7. ESO-15 Society and Religion
  8. EEG-03 Communication Skills in English