Bachelor in Educational Sciences in Education, Planning and Management

Bachelor in Educational Sciences in Education, Planning and Management

4 years

BES - Education, Planning and Management is a four year, 8 semester program of Mid-West University School of Pedagogical Education and Freedom. 

Curricular Structure

Semester Wise Breakdown of the Courses

Semester I

COMP 311: English Language Proficiency  I

COMP 312: Compulsory Nepali I

EDU 313: Socio-Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDU: 314: Human Development

EPM 315: Fundamentals of Curriculum Planning

EPM 316: Educational Management and Organization

Semester II

COMP 321: English Language Proficiency II

COMP 322: Readings in Nepali Language

EDU 323: Emerging Theories of learning

EDU 324: Curriculum and Assessment

EPM 325: Policy Planning In Education

EPM 326: School Supervision

Semester III

EDU 331: Educational Development in Nepal

EDU 332: Guidance and Counseling

EPM 333: Test Development and Assessment

EPM 334: Curriculum Development in Nepal

EPM 335: Teacher Professional Development

EPM 336: School Based Management

Semester IV

EDU 341: Social Justice and Education

EDU 342: Fundamentals of Research in Education

EPM 343: Contemporary Issues of Curriculum

EPM 344: Diversity and  Education

EPM 345:  Classroom Management

EPM 346: Alternative Approaches to Education

Semester V

EPM 451: School Development Plan

EPM 452: School Culture and Leadership

EPM 453: Conflict Management and Peace Education

EPM 454: Non-Formal Approaches to Education

EPM 455: Pedagogy in the Classroom

EPM 456: Technology in Education

Semester VI

EPM 461: Gender and Education

EPM 462: Inclusive Education

EPM  463: Education and Sustainability

EPM 464: Globalization and  Education

EPM 465: Knowledge Management

EPM 466: Quality in Education

Semester VII

EPM 471: Critical Thinking in Education

EPM 472: Change Management in Education

EPM 473: Educational administration

EPM 474: ICTs and Learning Transfer

EPM 475: Foundation of education planning

EPM 476 : Teacher education

Semester VIII

EPM 481: Reflective Practices in Education

EPM 482: Student Teaching: on-campus

EPM 483: Student Teaching: off-campus