Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Compulsory English - Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University

Humanities and Social Sciences

4 year(s)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Compulsory English is four years course under Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, Tribhuvan university. This course allows students to explore the art of reading and writing. They will engage themselves with different patterns of writing, read essays and stories associated with the patterns and work through the rhetoric of the language. Students will recognize and practice the important form of "four levels of interacting with the texts,"significant for comprehending the art of reading and writing. 

The main objective of this course is to help improve students' writing English through the practices of different patterns of writing. 

Other objectives of BA Compulsory English is to help them learn writing though others' writing as given under patterns ( narration, description, comparison and contrast) and practice them; and learn the technique of critical reading through reading texts.