St. Xavier’s college, department of Social work aims at training young minds to plunge into society to be the voice of the voiceless, help the helpless and touch the hearts of the untouchables. Four years of study in this faculty enables the students to become competent in analyzing one’s own personal growth and to take up social issues for the betterment of society. Students also get ample chances to develop their skills and innovate hidden talents. A well committed Faculty members give a keen interest in promoting the objectives of Jesuit education which are academically excellent, morally upright, spiritually wise, socially, emotionally responsible, and emotionally healthy. A social work program is a combination of 4 days of theory classes and2 days of practice. Department gives equal importance to both and the faculty members closely monitor the performance of the students for better learning and experience. Weekly Individual conferences and Group conferences are a good platform to share the experience of students with the faculty supervisor in order to get more clarity and guidance.


  • Camp: Conducted during the break of Dashain and Diwali every year. This is scheduled for 10 days. 
  • Field Works: Frequently conducted as per the fulfillment of course work. 
  • Agency Placement: Scheduled for two days every week where the students are placed in agencies as per the fulfillment of the course. 
  • Individual Conference 
  • Group Conference
  • Exposure Visit Program
  • Partnership in Education (PIE) Program
  • National and International Exposure Program