Sharada Campus

Kamal binayak, Bhaktapur
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Sharada Campus is located at Kamal binayak, Bhaktapur. It is one of the community based service oriented campus in town run by Bhaktapur Municipality. That has been governed by the local government, Bhaktapur Municipality. And the campus was founded in 2047 BS.

Quality as well as practical education in affordable - probably cheaper fee rate, is its academic policy. So to extend the facility of education as one of the basic need, this glorious institution has been committed with a specific mission: committed for people and professionalism. 

Although it has been established in the cultural city, Bhaktapur. It has already opened its wide gate and has invited the students from different districts. Sharada campus is not only the academic platform of the varieties of students of various levels but also a good function where lecturer, professors, academicians and sensible parents can feel better academic serene their. 

Sharada Campus is always conscious of what it can offer the students. The campus has provided various facilities like well equipped libraries, laboratories, well furnished and probably the best class room and extra co curricula. Good canteens, campus bus and sports facility, latest methodologies of teaching learning equipment are auxiliaries. Moreover, the faculties of various sectors, visiting professors, medalists, professionals and academicians, combined efforts have stood campus as a model of academic field. And its result percentage also reflects the quality.


  • To provide higher education for general people at affordable fee.
  • To develop Bhaktapur as center of excellence.