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Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) is a leading constituent campus of Tribhuvan University which is offering quality education in graduate and undergraduate level of Management in affordable cost. It is ideally located at the heart of Kathmandu metropolitan city. Shanker Dev Campus has been exclusively offering Management education since its inception.

Shankerdev Campus runs undergraduate and graduate courses in business and management for example Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Master of Business Studies (MBS). In addition, it also offers the degree of Master of Business Management (MBM), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) and Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).

Over the period Shanker Dev Campus has produced middle and manger level professionals required for the country. It has in addition, produced a number of politicians and administrators and some of them have reached the highest level of careers in their lives. It retains one of the best faculties available in the country quite dedicated to quality education in management. It carries the distinctive legacy as the pioneering Campus in Management education in Nepal. It is centrally and strategically located with sufficient premise and other facilities required for imparting quality education.

Shanker Dev Campus has successfully played the pioneer role in the development of Management Education in Nepal ever since the introduction of National Education System Plan in 1971. Now, SDC family feels proud to find many of its Bachelor and Master 's Degree holders assuming key roles in government offices, various financial institutions, corporations and in private sectors.

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History of Shanker Dev Campus

  1. 2030 BS: Started BBS program
  2. 2035 BS: Started I.Com program
  3. 2038 BS: Started MBS program
  4. 2055 BS: I.Com program phased out

After decentralization regulation of Tribhuvan University, later it started to run BBA, BIM, BBM and MBM program.

  1. 2058 BS: Started BBA program
  2. 2070 BS: Started BIM program
  3. 2072 BS: Started MBM program
  4. 2073 BS: Started BBM program

Scholarship information

Shanker Dev Campus makes available each year a considerable number of scholarships for needy and talented BBS students. There are, in addition, some other trust funds of varying amounts established by Nepali educators in their names, the net income from which is awarded each year to those students who have achieved the highest standing or grades in BBS programmes.

Message from College

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Mr. Krishna Prasad Acharya

Campus Chief

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) offers Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor in Business Management (BBM), Master in Business Studies (MBS) and Master in Business Management (MBM). SDC untiringly supplies middle level and top level managers through the programs it has been offering to the management students joining SDC from every corner of this nation. BBS and MBS are based on annual system, whereas BBA, BIM, BBM and MBM are semester system programs.It is a matter of pride to be able to supply professionals whoare capable of working in the fast paced, competitive andhigh tech modern business environment. As a result, SDChas become the first choice of Nepalese students wishing to pursue management studies.SDC has its ultimate objective of educating students forprofessional pursuits in business, industry, and government dedicated to contributing for enhancing the knowledge and understan
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