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The School of Geomatics (SOG) is a lead private sector institute to impart academic courses and professional training in the field of Geomatics in Nepal. It was established in 1999 in affiliation to Council for Technical Education and Vocational training (CTEVT), Nepal by a group of land and land related professionals. Since its establishment, the school has been working at human resource development in the field of Surveying and Spatial Information Application at different levels.

Few years back, the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, in cooperation with SOG, have developed and brought in function two different regular courses in surveying: one a fifteen months training course to produce assistant surveyors and the other a three years Intermediate level of curriculum, in the field of Geomatics. The first is a training course to impart basic skills in land measurements and mapping and the second is a three years Diploma in Survey Engineering course for Secondary School Graduates which includes, general academic and basic science subjects, land surveying theory and practices, GPS, RS and GIS as major components of the course. Currently a few courses in the universities and colleges and Training institutes have also introduced Geomatics partly or wholly in their respective syllabus.

It is utmost necessary to upgrade the technical capabilities of the persons already in the profession, too, for fulfilling the demand of modern and efficient services. Courses aiming at Awareness, Appraisal, Operational and Professional level have also been designed and made available for decision makers, technicians, discipline specialists, students of other faculties and managers respectively.

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College of Geomatics
A College of Geomatics Engineering
PO Box: 13177
121/55 Basuki Marg, Mid Baneshwor
Kathmandu, Nepal

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