Ratna Kumar Bantawa Polytechnic Institute

Sankhejung, Sankhejung




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Ratna Kumar Bantawa Polytechnic Institute was established in 2017 AD (2074 BS) as a publicly owned polytechnic institute located in Sankhejung, Ilam district of Nepal. It is affiliated to Council for Technical Training and Vocational Training (CTEVT). It offers Diploma in Agriculture (Veterinary Science) for 40 seats. It also provides scholarship facility to the deserving and needy students.  It has been imparting quality technical education from highly dedicated instructors.

The institute has Spread over an area of 426 ropanis it is the biggest polytechnic institute in the entire eastern region so far. Technical education was always one of the greatest demands of Ilam residents. Lack of employment after the completion of formal education had inspired them to demand for the establishment of institutions that provide skill oriented education.

Ratna Kumar Bantawa Polytechnic Institute is built at the cost of Rs 100 million and is located in Sakhejung village of Palap. There is a long list of subjects to be incorporated. In the days ahead, courses related to farming, stitching, interior decoration, building construction and so on are expected to be incorporated.

The stay and education are affordable for the students at the institute because of the lower prices of food and hostel facilities. Parents have to pay hefty amount for their children’s education and stay if they send them to cities, but now they will be able to educate their children at

The polytechnic boasts of 426 ropanis of land. And that was willingly provided by locals, because they were excited about having the biggest technical institution in their locality. After getting the land, CTEVT constructed necessary infrastructure as per the wish of the locals.

Ratna Kumar Bantawa Polytechnic Institute has buildings for library, veterinary and sheds for cows and buffaloes. Construction of a power house, canteen, and separate hostel buildings for girls and boys, among others, are underway. There has been huge demand for courses related to information technology and civil health and shared that the institute will be availing those courses in the near future.

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