RambhaDevi Technical College

Tilottama-3, Shankarnagar Rupandehi




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Rambhadevi College is a reputed non- governmental organization for technical education which was established in 2059 with a vision of establishing an organization working for social course to the carter needs of the society. Rambhadevi College has a record of academic excellence over a decade.

In the years 2061, Rambhadevi College had it's launches with the Health Assistant (HA) in Butwal, with this humble beginning with 40 students in the years 2061. Till date this college has made an impressive progress with 5 streams running with more than 400 students today per year.

Rambha Devi Technical College is offering Diploma in Civil Engineering (civil overseer ), and TSLC in Civil Engineering (civil sub-overseer ) courses under CTEVT. Till date 4th batch of civil overseers and 1st batch of civil sub-overseer have been passed out from Rambhadevi Technical College

It's sister concern Rambhadevi College of Medical Science offers Health Assistant, Lab Technician and Lab Assistant program with affiliation from CTEVT.

Today the institution has student form more than 40 district from the country. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities include cultural activities and sports are an integral part of the curriculum. The college provides incentives to deserving students in the form of scholarship grants etc.


To equip students with the best in education, knowledge & skills, to install in them the values of self discipline, professionalism and integrity, and to enhance their desire to make a positive contribution to society and the country.


  • To make a centre for excellence in the field of health science and technology by producing competitive manpower in the country.
  • To produce energetic competent technical manpower.
  • To envisages, playing a crucial role in improving the general health status of the people through the production of high quality human resources needed to the country. To conduct short term/long term training course in technical field.
  • To conduct workshop seminar in the area of health science and technology based on new emerging issues and problems.
  • To provide opportunities to economically, socially deprived people through training and community services.

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