Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School



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Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School is located in Gothatar, Kathmandu. It offers program in Diploma in Civil Engineering, VJTA and TSLC in Civil.

Madan Ashrit Memorial Technical School organizes various short term courses varying from 1 day to 35 days. These trainees' qualifications may vary from literate to 10 class. Trainings are organized as per the customer needs.


A well known institute for the production of employable, trained graduates in TEVT sector of Nepal.


Provide technical education and vocational training in rural and urban setting to reduce unemployed youth in Nepal.


Ensure institutional continuity.
Enhance access and equity
Assure quality of training, services and products.
Strengthen marketing and networking.
Increase infrastructure
Improve staff competency

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Banepa 2, Kavrepalanchok