Koshi Health Institute

Tinpainee, Biratnagar, Biratnagar




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Recognitions and Accreditation

Koshi Health Institute is established under Nepal Health Development and Research Co-operative act, District Co-operative office on 2054 B.S. the Institute started its programme from 2055 B.S. to produce middle class manpower on health Sector.

The Institute is much more renowned in eastern region due to the proper guidance and hard work of Senior Medical Personnel, Nurses and Persons. Koshi Health Institute is affiliated to CTEVT running programs like Health Assistant (H.A.), CMA and ANM.

This Institute is running in well maintained buildings for class rooms, library, laboratories, office and hostel. It has well- equipped laboratory facilities with modern equipment and accessories required for demonstration and practical classes on basic sciences including clinical practices, i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Parapsychology, Hematology, and Physio pathology. In addition, bi-lateral agreements have also been made between the institution and the reputed hospitals. Morang Cooperative Hospital is the own hospital of Koshi Health Institute/Campus.

As the world moves with its new challenges and unique demands, the rapid pace of globalization increase the demand of its dedicated nurses, public health professionals, and other health care experts ,who possesses the required skill set and commitment, using international standards.

Koshi Health Institute provides a learning environment in which students learn both theoretically and practically. Through its extracurricular and curricular activities, it instills personal qualities, i.e. self reliance, self confidence, discipline, and leadership qualities, in students and prepares them for forthcoming challenges.


Building Health Futures by increasing the equity, effectiveness and efficiency health services to all populations.


  • The Mission of Koshi Health Institute is to develop the next generation of leaders in the health sector by conducting the highest quality research, educating health professionals in policy, management and public health practice, and partnering with the community to disseminate and apply new knowledge.
  • The institute aims to provide professional education to the greater regional health care community by sponsoring extra-curricular seminars and workshops that meet the continuing education needs of health professionals.
  • One of the mission of the institute is to develop new ideas, theories and practices that contribute to improving the population’s health and the personal health of individuals.


  • To provide quality education in an academic environment by providing excellent faculty and state of the art instruments and equipment
  • To make students excellent in their field of study
  • To prepare students to face new challenges of the country
  • To create an environment that enhances each student’s potential and encourages ethical behavior
  • To make them use their knowledge in real life situations
  • To live, lead and serve the country
  • To promote the capabilities of the students in non- curricular fields 
  • To have a strong interactions with hospitals and other health care teams and regularity authorities
  • To make students responsible citizens
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