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MBA Nonprofit at King's College proposes an entrepreneurial and management strategy to establishing, managing, and growing a long-term high-impact nonprofit in Nepal's greater socioeconomic environment. We want to encourage people to talk about "financially sustainable, impact-driven, responsible, and transparent nonprofit organizations that inspire local innovation through participatory collaborations." The program combines academic rigor with professional practice to prepare leaders for Nepal's high-impact nonprofit startups, social enterprises, profit-not-distributing companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international NGOs, foundations, corporate social responsibility projects, public-private partnerships, and social businesses.

Workshops for MBA Nonprofit at King's College

Students participate in at least five professional portfolio-building workshops/modules in addition to their academics. As students use their learning to construct their portfolios, this assures project-based contextualization of our courses. Various areas of nonprofit administration, such as fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy, are covered in workshops. Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations, Storytelling for Change, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Evaluation, Report Writing, and Designing Metrics and Indicators are just a few of the courses we've hosted in the past (among others).

Research Internship

During their coursework, students of King's participate in research, internships, or consultancy projects, depending on their interests and future paths. The program's goal is to contribute to local knowledge and utilize lessons learned to assist Nepal's nonprofit sector. The Placement Cell at King's College promotes internship programs, whereas the Center for Research and Development (CERAD) at King's College supports student and faculty-led research activities.

Voluntary Board Service

With its 45-hour voluntary board service requirement, the MBA Nonprofit Program allows students to share their expertise with a local nonprofit or public-service organization while practicing real-time governance and assisting their board by sharing industry-relevant governance techniques. Students have the option of joining the board, shadowing a board member, or consulting for existing boards.

Industry Connections

Industry experts, researchers, practitioners, and professionals who share their knowledge and skills with our students are brought together by Kings' College. In Nepal's nonprofit environment, the college also gives public lectures and organizes relevant events to advocate for financial sustainability, accountability, transparency, partnerships, and an impact-centered attitude.

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