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The MBA Entrepreneurship program at King's seeks to develop entrepreneurship enthusiasts, ideators, and new company founders by teaching them how to create and manage creative, sustainable, and scalable businesses. The curriculum offers a mix of academic rigor and practical experience. It guides you through the whole venture development process, from concept to launch, while imparting the necessary entrepreneurial skills and cultivating the necessary entrepreneurial attitude.

MBA Entrepreneurship graduates can pursue the following job paths:

  • As a founder or co-founder of a startup, putting your own company idea into action.
  • Work as a CEO, COO, or other senior executive at a start-up, directing the company's procedures.
  • Work as a consultant, advicor, or supporter of startups in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

Extra Flare at King's College

  • The first courses and modules in your degree will focus on creating an entrepreneurial attitude. These will also address important business and management concepts and abilities. Along with your classes, you'll take a networking module throughout your first few months.
  • Along with coming up with outstanding concepts, the students should start thinking about long-term business strategies. You'll participate in a Sustainability curriculum at King's.
  • You'll also take classes at King's College that focus on converting marketable ideas and business concepts into tested and physical realities. You'll participate in a hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to transform concepts into prototypes that you can test with users and iterate into a more human-centered product.
  • You'll learn how to promote your ideas, sell your products, administer your company as a separate entity, and manage teams in a startup. The Accounting and Tax Compliances for Entrepreneurs program will also familiarize you with accounting and other financial elements unique to startups.
  • The Seed Stage at King's College courses will help you bring what you've learned over the past two years together, as well as provide extra courses and modules to help you prepare for seed financing.
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