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MBA Agribusiness at King's College is designed to teach Nepali students about the managerial and entrepreneurial elements of agribusiness, with an emphasis on different sector management within the agricultural industry. The course focuses on teaching students about agricultural production concepts and techniques, as well as value addition, marketing, supply chain management, global trends, and future issues. Students will get a comprehensive understanding of agribusiness through regular interactions with industry professionals, seminars, and workshops, among other activities.

The goal of the MBA Agribusiness program is to prepare students to be competent agribusiness and related industry management professionals. MBA Agribusiness graduates can work as agribusiness managers, marketing managers, finance managers, traders, analysts, bank managers, human resource managers, and other positions in the agribusiness industry in Nepal and overseas. MBA Agribusiness experts can work in a variety of industries, including:

  • Agripreneurship
  • Companies that are privately owned
  • Banks are financial institutions (Government and Private)
  • Import-Export Activities of Insurance Companies Industry of Businesses (Poultry, Dairy, etc)
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