Khwopa Poly-Technic Institute

Chyamhasingh Bhaktapur




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Recognitions and Accreditation

Khwopa Polytechnic Institute, the first community based technical college undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality and soundly driven by the educationist and intellectuals as well as supported by the people of Bhaktapur, was established in 2003 AD.

The aim of the institute is to provide quality technical education at affordable fees so as to produce mid level skilled and qualified personnel. Since its establishment, within a period more than a decade, it has proved itself as one of the best well equipped educational institute acknowledging national recognition and best academic results. Graduates from the institute has shown their capabilities in different spheres of life and have successfully occupied prestigious positions within and outside the country.

KPTI is dedicated to provide quality education with productive labor, enable new generation to cope up with technology of 21st Century and encourage students to serve people and nation with sincerity.

With the affiliation from CTEVT this institute has been running 3 year Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing and 3 year Diploma in Civil Engineering. More programmes are in the process of affiliation in the near future.

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Admission guidelines

Admission Procedure and Eligibility

  • Candidates who passed SLC or C grade in Compulsory English, Math and Science are eligible to apply for the entrance exam conducted by CTEVT. The passed or merit students also have to appear and pass the Aptitude test conducted by the institute.
  • An eligible candidate should submit the photocopy of character certificate, mark sheet, citizenship, provisional certificate and latest PP size photo along with form.
  • Candidate who passed SLC level from other country should submit migration and equivalence certificate along with above testimonials.
  • Only those ranked candidates passing both entrance exam and Aptitude test will be enrolled/admitted.
  • 48 students will be enrolled every year.

Scholarship information

The management committee based on recommendation made by concerned Committee selects the recipients of Scholarship as below.

Full Scholarship: 2 Student (1 within Bhaktapur Municipality and 1 outside Bhaktapur municipality)

Half Scholarship: 2 students (1 within Bhaktapur Municipality and 1 outside Bhaktapur municipality)

On the basis of result in yearly exam 100%, 50% and 25% scholarship on monthly fee will br provided.

Network colleges (4)


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Tribhuvan University

Libali Bhaktapur


Tribhuvan University

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Purbanchal University

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National Examination Board (NEB)