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Founded in 1988, the academy is centrally located in a peaceful area within the premises of Mahendra Bhawan HSB School in Sano Gaucharan in Kathmandu – the Capital City. It is the oldest private institution imparting A Level qualification in Nepal.

It is coeducational and considers its primary strength to be its small size coupled with its friendly and caring approach. Essentially the academy clearly engenders a friendly, informal and sparkling atmosphere that is also conducive to conscientious students that are high achievers.

No student is allowed to become lost in the crowd. All students are interviewed to base what the academy offers on their realistic expectations. Most subjects have an average of six to ten students. This affords a student-centered approach, enabling faculty members to engage directly with each individual. No assumptions are made about a student’s previous knowledge and understanding is established systematically.

The lessons are well structured and students find the course material interesting. Learning is emphasized through lively interaction and obvious enjoyment. The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging and sympathetic to the challenges encountered by the students. Our supportive, examination-orientated approach has been consistently successful. All the students at the academy aim to pursue higher academic degrees at universities around the world. Their application throughout is facilitated by the academy.

The academy has an outstanding reputation for having Faculty Members whose passion and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. The students have routinely achieved top grades.

All courses cover every aspect of the syllabus, never cutting corners, or assuming previous knowledge on the part of the student. We can do this because we are willing to provide more contact between the students and the Faculty Members.

Contact Address
Kathmandu Academy
P O Box 7240
Mahendra Bhawan Marg
Sano Gaucharan