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The Kantipur Tourism & Hotel Management College (KTHMC) has launched more than 150 careers in the Food and Hospitality Industry. Founded in 2014 by Mr. Bijaya Poudel, the college offers highly regarded six to 12-month career training programs in Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking, Culinary Management and Hospitality Management, as well as continuing education programs for Culinary professionals. With a global curriculum, the dedicated Managing Director and Chairman- Chef Ram, a strong record in job placements and a clear entrepreneurial focus, KTHMC is recognized by top Chefs, Hoteliers and Hospitality professionals as a leading pathway to begin or continue a wide range of Hospitality careers.

Salient Features

  • 100 % Job Placement Guarantee in reputed 5 star hotels in Middle East, Maldives etc
  • 100 % Paid Internship in China, Macau, Dubai, Singapore etc
  • Credit transfer facility to Australia, New Zealand etc into BHM


We are experienced, well equipped & ready to teach you.

Learn at KTHMC the skills you need for your career.

Our international standard theory and practical skills are our strength which we impart to our students.

Golden opportunity to all –

SLC/SEE/+2/Bachelors students are also eligible to do our professional courses.

Students who have 1 or 2 backlog in +2 or who have just appeared for +2 exams also can apply

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Salient features

Special Features of KTHMC

  • Gives importance for international standard education
  • Reasonable fees and highest commitment
  • Industrial visits and Industrial training
  • Complete professional programme
  • Individual student attention
  • Personality development classes & extra-curricular activities
  • Special english training
  • Better technical skills
  • Increase of confidence
  • Better guidance for jobs
  • Recognition anywhere in the world
  • International job placement guarantee

Message from College

Bijaya Poudel picture

Mr. Bijaya Poudel

Founder and Chairman

Since our founding in 2010, Nepal’s and Pokhara’s importance and influence in the Hospitality world has progressively grown. So has KTHMC. Today, we are widely recognized as one of Nepal’s leading destinations for anyone who wants to explore their passion for all facets of the Hospitality and Culinary education, from Hotel Management, cooking and baking to wine studies and restaurant and hospitality management. As a school and an institution, we are vibrant and focused and still driven by ideals. KTHMC’s students are diverse, have unique talents and individual quests. Our role at KTHMC is to help our students develop and find their wonderful career. The foundations of KTHMC are our career programs in Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking Arts and Hospitality Management. Whether our students’ goals are to become globetrotters, enterpreneurs, artisan bread bakers or hotel general managers, our programs provide the right foundation. KTHMC’s programs are sophisticated,
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Ram. K picture

Chef. Ram. K

Chairman and Managing Director

With an extraordanary International exposure of more than 11 years, I worked for some of the finest hotels in the world and the Cruise Ship-Miami USA. Travelling around the world I had acquired very good knowledge in both theory and practical skills which I have been imparting for students in the last 5 years in Nepal and helped producing finest chefs that are required all around the world in 5 to 4 star establishments.It is very hard to characterize a school, or a business, in a few words. But at its core, KTHMC is all about its students. Whether they are with us for a day, a week, or a year, students tell us that our school is an exciting, joyful place where they are inspired to learn and succeed. Being part of that success is our passion.


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