Himal Dental Hospital and Institute of Dental Science

Chabahil, Kathmandu




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Himal institute of dental science  was established in 2008 with a motive of producing qualified dental man powers to bridge the gap between the dental service providers and those who need services. Currently the institution operates three types of academic courses in Dental Science, Dental Nursing (Assistant) Training and Dental Lab Mechanics training. We are extending our courses to BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery)  and BDH (Bachelor in Dental Hygiene) in near  our  future.

Himal Dental Hospital & Institute of Dental Science is committed to conducting quality skill training. Along with regular medical services the institute has been servicing community through conducting dental health camps in rural and urban areas. The institute is affiliated to CTEVT and has qualified and experienced managers, doctors and instructors. Also, the institute has technical support of foreigner doctors, teachers, lecturer and instructor to conduct various dental camps, to train the student and conduct the practical classes as guest lecturers which are derived from Canada, Australia and USA. 

The courses comprise of both theoretical and practical knowledge to impart the skills required for competent dental science students. On the practical training program, the trainees will have demonstrations on oral hygiene maintenance methods, plaque control methods, patient handling and oral prophylaxis procedures (scaling), pits and fissure sealants, fluoride application etc.