The world has experienced phenomenal growth in the realm of tourism during the last 20 years. Tourism is considered to be the largest industry in the world. It is also one of the fastest-growing industries when all of its related businesses are included. Today it is the world’s largest generator of jobs. The Nepalese government has accorded tourism as a high priority sector of the national economy, basically in view of its employment generation and foreign exchange earning potentials. Moreover, to be able to catch our deserving share of benefit from tourism, the importance of education, and raising the service standard to be competitive enough, we require training institutions in the country at all levels.

The need for well-trained managers in this vast and diverse field encompassing — hotel and resort services, passenger transportation, marketing, finance and operations, and human resource development — has never been more critical. Travel and tourism sectors now require employees who could exhibit skills, knowledge, and experience beyond those provided by typical traditional academic institutes. As a result, there is a significant demand for academic courses that specially focus on the concepts and skills specifically required for the travel and tourism business. The existing programs in the country do not fully cater to this emerging demand.

The mission of the BBA – TT program is to:

  • Prepare graduates for leadership and professional positions in the tourism-travel industry
  • Provide service to the global economy by providing well-qualified, ethically sensitive graduate
  • Generate new knowledge in the industry through research.

Courses are designed to build on the business core curriculum, with advanced courses covering specific industry technologies, business practices, and operations. Students will be advised to consider related courses in the social sciences and modern languages to complement their studies in this area.