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Andrew J Wild College, located in the serene environment at Panipokhari, Maharajgunj is a pioneering A Level College in Nepal. Established in 2001 by Mr. Mohan Mickey Giri, a Nepalese social entrepreneur and educationist, the college advocate for change in higher education. The College is named after Andrew Jonathan Wild, a British expat and physics teacher at Budhanilkantha School, who first introduced and afterwards, coordinated Cambridge A-levels in Nepal for many years. Andrew Jonathan Wild, a philanthropist, was a life changing force in the life of Mr. Mohan Micky Giri who supported Mr Giri all the way for his education. So, to pay his debt back with a grand tribute, Mr. Giri established this college after his name as “gurudakshina” where everyone can learn despite any constraint. So we hold the strong believe that everyone can learn, lead and succeed provided they get the good exposure where they can understand their inner drive tapping on their interest. So with this vision, our college aims to provide students with, not only academic knowledge, but the worldly skills required to bridge the gap between youth and adulthood so as to produce responsible and productive citizens of the nation.

Unlike other colleges, AJW focuses more on everyone’s overall potential, rather than just their academic qualifications. We believe that anyone with the will to learn must not be exempt from doing so because of external factors like financial inability or previous educational status. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect someone with potential to the right resources for turning their potential into reality.

Our selection and overall learning process involve not only academic excellence, but an overall personality development with clear focus on essential skills like time management, problem solving, socializing, to name a few, which are essential in our everyday life. We also help the students to find the right exposure to develop their own unique talents. So, AJW provides a holistic experience for our students in an environment where students can acquire education and applied skills to fully develop in their own. A combination of experienced and dedicated teaching staff, student-centered learning environment, ample resources as well as individual attention and guidance provides our students with all the basics to grow into a productive member of the society.

Our History and Legacy

Passed 14 glorious years providing high quality education to the students. This year Andrew J Wild College is going to celebrate the 15th anniversary with grand celebration.

More than 11 hundred students have been graduated. Some of our graduates are leading the various organization of high repute and many of them are studying in renowned universities home and abroad.

We get charged with more energy to give our best when we see this organization growing more and more and making its unique presence in the field of higher education. So, thank you Mr. Andrew for helping Mr. Giri envisioning his dream, as a result of which, dreams of many people like him, are being fulfilled through the educational institute which is named after you. The Testimony of it is the 35 students of the batch 2015/17 who are studying under 100 % scholarship. So we proudly say that we have been successful to establish this institute as the best A Level institute in Nepal and we are committed to maintain this spirit in the days to come.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the educational sector of Nepal and provide International Programs for Quality Advanced Studies in Nepal

Our Mission

To be a change maker and the leading educational institute by imparting relevant knowledge, practical skills and an unwavering confidence to the learners to help them to have good transition into adulthood and be the productive members of the society.

Our Values

Integrity We always take an unwavering stand for what we believe in and do not compromise our principles for anything.

Students Focused Learning - We strive to create an environment where the students are the sole focus of all our efforts and strive to meet the expectations of our students and parents.

Accountability We hold ourselves accountable for our actions at work and elsewhere and take full responsibility for both our triumphs and failures.

Resilience We adopt a "never-say-die" attitude while facing adversity and never back down from a challenge.

Excellence We endeavor to do our personal best to bring out the best in others.

Our Future Endeavors

In the future, Andrew J Wild College intends to introduce more international level certifications for vocational and need based higher education. Through the right partnership with universities in abroad, we intend to introduce more courses that are accepted worldwide and which enables students to be responsible, productive and active members of the society.

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Salient features


At AJW College, we have a completely new approach to academic education, as compared to other institutions. Instead of studying 4-5 different subjects in one day and returning home with a jumble of information, we focus on learning one subject per day.

During a 4 ½ hours of classroom activities, the students learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic they are studying through an experienced teacher and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter through experiments, questions, discussions, debate and pop quizzes, all in the same day. This is followed by a 1 ½ hour of catch-up class where they can question anything that they don’t understand through a younger, dynamic teacher who they can better relate to.

The academic activities of the day are regularly broken up with frequent breaks and an assortment of activities which prevent monotony.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sound mind lies in sound body. For sound body we need some hours of exercise. Considering this fact, we facilitate a range of extracurricular activities for every student. Our class starts with yoga and meditation of half an hour followed by sports, arts, music, literature and many more in different times of a day every day. Every year our college hosts different five big events of ECAs.

Club Activities

Each and every student becomes the part of at least one club on the basis of their area of interest (though they may choose to be part of multiple clubs), which will facilitate them to further their learning in chosen field of their own. We now have four clubs in operation, namely: Social Service Club, Academic Club, Sports Club, Art and Creativity Club. We are soon going to form the music, dancing, drama, debate, science, mathematics and many more clubs.

Within these clubs, students will find a community of like-minded individuals with similar interests who can help them learn and grow. They will also learn leadership, team work, thoughtfulness, responsibility and creative thinking within the clubs.

The clubs will also be encouraged to organize and host intra-school and inter-school events to broaden their horizons.

Seminars and Trainings

Related to club activities, the college facilitates seminars and trainings time and again where interested students can learn the ins and outs of their chosen fields from professionals who have been working for years and have made a significant impact within their industry.

Yoga and Meditation

A calm mind is better equipped to learn new things. Hence, we do yoga and meditation everyday to stimulate our minds, calm our senses and improve our overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.


To facilitate the overall academic, physical, mental, and social improvement of the students, AJW provides the following amenities to the students:


AJW has a fully stocked library with text books, reference books, newspapers, magazines, journals and other educational and recreational books for the use of students. In every academic session, we provide a set of original textbook to students which they have to keep in order and return to the college library upon the completion of the academic session. The library also carries sufficient amount of reference materials to tide them through the academic year.


We also have fully equipped laboratories so that students can gain practical knowledge on the subject matter without much difficulty. For science students, a practical session will be held every day to complement their theoretical knowledge of the topic at hand.

Computer Lab

AJW College has a fully equipped computer lab with internet access for the exclusive use of students. On top of that, the computer lab also helps to manage laptops for students in case they need to work on college assignments or to simply learn more at the comfort of their own homes.


The sport department offers a range of sporting facilities within the college compound. Students can enjoy basketball, volleyball, badminton, football and other indoor sports within the college premises. For bigger ECA events, AJW College arranges fully equipped playground outside where students can practice their sports without any inconvenience.


We have got good canteen which is all set to provide healthy meal to each and every student everyday. The canteen regularly introduces different cuisines (French, Chinese, Italian etc) to enhance the taste-buds of the students and maintain balanced diet.

Music and Dance

AJW provides a fully equipped music and dance studio to encourage students to develop their musical abilities and practice their dance moves. The students will have full access to the musical instruments of their choice and will regularly be coached by professional musicians and dancers.

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Admission guidelines

Andrew J Wild College invites all applications from applicants with an SLC or equivalent qualifications. Admission into the College is granted on the basis of a range of qualifications including academic aptitude, exceptional potential in extra-curricular activities like sports, music, arts, literature or similar fields.

To apply for admission, a potential applicant will have to sit down for a written test that evaluates not only academic performance, but also mental aptitude, problem solving and other similar skills to get an overview of the applicants overall potential. The next and final stage involves an interview with the student and their guardians to assess their personality and potential.

Scholarship information

Andrew J Wild College offers full and partial scholarships to deserving students on the basis of their need and merit. A majority of our students are supported by sponsors arranged through AJW Value Varsity.

We believe financial difficulty should never be a barrier when it comes to education. Hence, we have special arrangements for disadvantaged students who have the will to educate and create a better future but lack the resources to make their dreams come true. We have special quotas for students from impoverished backgrounds, students with disabilities, earthquake victims and so on.

Besides need-based scholarships, we also provide scholarships to deserving students who have shown considerable talent and potential in one field or the other, including sports, music, dance, literature to name a few.

Guidelines for Providing Scholarship

Full scholarship: 25 (No admission and monthly fee) Entrance test and counselling session are going on every day, Sunday to Friday (10: 00 am to 4 Pm). (It is first come first serve basis).

  • Merit based (Average highest score from SLC/SEE/ Sent up/ or equivalent result, entrance and interview, one each from boys and girls): 2
  • Need based :23 (It will also be need and merit based)
  • Children of Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed police Force, CIB (Priorities will be given to the children of the in-service staff who are below the rank of junior officer level
  • Earthquake Victims
  • Children of Poor People
  • Marginalized /Disadvantaged Group/ Aadibasi/Janjatiz/ Dalit (as specified by the Gov. of Nepal)
  • Remote Area (as specified by the Gov. of Nepal)
  • Children of Martyrs/ Orphans
  • Differently Able
  • Others (If you do not fall in any of the above specified categories and you are needy and deserving we grant you full scholarship provided that you have any such background and proofs which convince the admission committee)

Partial Scholarship: 25 Seats

Students will also be given partial scholarship on the basis of their need, previous academic performance, family background and economic status.

Note: To be eligible to get full scholarship the applicant should get minimum of 90% or above out of 100. < Entrance test (40) + Previous academic background of class ten or equivalent (15) + Interview (30) + Submission of the legal documents or any proof of applicants being needy and deserving (15)>

Applicants will not be eligible to get admission if they fail to get less than 40% in the entrance test. The questions for the entrance test are very simple, more of creative and problem based. The average students can easily get the good score. Students do not need any special preparation for it. The entrance test will be of one hour and all the questions will be of multiple choice items. There will be four sections of the question. Each section contains ten questions.


Mathematical Problems

Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving

Science/ Social Science/ General Knowledge

  • The seats in each of the given categories will be determined on the basis of the number of applicants in each category through percentage. For instance, highest number of applicants in the category of earthquake victim means highest number of scholarship will be given in this category. The number in each category will be not less than 1 even if there happens to be only one applicant in any particular category.
  • The students who get the full scholarship will have to deposit NRs. 25000.00 as a security deposit. After the completion of A Levels the security deposit will be refunded. However, if anyone leaves A Levels in between and does not complete, the security deposit will not be refunded.
  • The marks for the previous academic background will be awarded on the basis his or her performance in the core subjects of class 10 or equivalent (C. Math, English, Science and Social Studies)

90% or A+


80% to 89% or A


70% to 79% or B+


60% to 69% or B


50% to 59% or C+


40% to 49% or C


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Message from College

Mukesh Ratna Shakya picture

Mr. Mukesh Ratna Shakya


I would like to share the responsibility of educating young minds with parents, teachers, educators and students. We believe that with this sharing of responsibility, we can achieve our goal of right education. Cambridge International A-Levels that we have here, is a renowned academic curriculum designed for young minds. We provide a safe, positive, intellectual learning environment that will empower students to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and inspired learners. We offer teachers who pay attention to college and classroom activities, so that the students get a practical and long lasting learning experience. We discipline our students with extra-curriculum that is conductive to the integral development of mind, body and spirit and to the cultivation of holistic consciousness and social awareness. Under the guardianship of the board of directors, me, along with the management team, teachers, students and staffs are looking forwar
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