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Established in 1999, Ace Higher Secondary School has been under the umbrella of Ace institute of Management (AIM).

Within 12 years, Ace Higher Secondary School has established itself as one of the leading Higher Secondary programmes in Nepal and is best known for its individual centered learning approach.

Though the courses covered are as prescribed by the HSEB, the education board the college do not limit itself to the prescribed course outline but also expose its students to learning through variety of co-curricular activities.

On completion of the programme, the students develop solid foundation in their chosen subjects to pursue their higher education. In addition to that, they also acquire life skills for effectively meeting the challenges and opportunities that modern time provides.

Ace is a pioneer of executive MBA programme in Nepal and the programme is best known for the rigorous and fulfilling experience it provides. Its Undergraduate programmes, BBA and BBA-BI, and its other Graduate programmes, MBA and MBAe are also considered among the best in the country.

The launch of Ace A- Level programme is another milestone in Ace Institute of Management's continuous endeavour to serve and facilitate learning.

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