Floral Designers

  1. Description

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Most people like to stop and smell the roses now and then. But floral designers do much more. Working with everything from daisies to dandelions, they create arrangements for weddings, funerals, holidays, and everyday occasions. Though a love of flowers and an artist’s eye are essential, it’s equally important for a floral designer to have good people skills, for it’s a very personal kind of business.

Floral designers cut and arrange flowers, leaves, and branches for everything from weddings to everyday occasions.

Did You Know?

American floral design got a lot more exciting after World War II, when exotic flowers could be flown in from distant lands.

Are You Ready To...?

  • Cut, trim, and arrange flowers
  • Bend your style to suit the occasion
  • Deal with picky customers
  • Work under pressure
  • Work on holidays and weekends

It Helps To Be...

A true flower lover with an artist’s flair. Though anyone can be taught to arrange flowers, the best designers are those who come by it naturally. Being able to work fast will help, too, especially for those peak periods, such as Valentine’s Day.

Make High School Count

  • Take art, where you can learn about color and form. Don’t forget, many of the most famous paintings in history (such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers) are floral. See what you can learn from the masters.
  • Take business classes. As a floral designer, you may have a hand in running the business, especially in a small shop.
  • Sign up for earth science and biology, where you’ll learn some basics about flowers, trees, and plants, among other things.

Did You Know?

The smaller the shop, the wider your duties: some floral designers even grow their own flowers.