What after SLC?



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SLC examination which is regarded as the "Iron Gate" has just finished. The students appearing the exams are now free: enjoying their holidays. But they are equally worried about "what to do in these three months until when their results are out?" The students who are feeling relief for being free from the bustle of books are concerned about their future studies too. "What to do after SLC?" It’s a matter of their headache…

Many students might have planned for doing bridge course. They might have thought that to engage themselves in this course will be the wisest thing for them. On the one hand their habit of reading will continue and on the other they will get an opportunity to study in the renowned colleges of the city. These days the pages of various newspapers are occupied with the advertisements of institutions related to bridge course. Their impressive names may attract many students but I suggest them to stay away from such institutions. These institutions are nothing other than profit oriented centers of business. Getting admitted in them to learn nothing is just the waste of time and money as well. There is no advantage of doing this course and doing this course may not be as fruitful as they might have thought.

These three months are the golden period for the SLC appeared students; they will never get these enjoyable days in their life again. After these three months, they will enter a boring college life and STUDY! STUDY…! and STUDY….! will be their only option. You’ll have to mug up all the things then. So why engage in these courses. Another reason for which I think this is by getting engaged in these courses neither they will learn anything nor they will get any enjoyment. And after these days are over they’ll regret as I did.

These institutions which are promising for the bright educational career of the students are a group of cheats who aim to earn a decent amount by cheating others. All the expectations of the students will go in vain. So stay away!! You will spend your money for nothing.

The most significant thing which can be done during this period is to travel to various places of Nepal. Moreover this is the tourism year and this will add to their enjoyment in their journey. Travelling to beautiful places like Pokhara, Ilam, Lumbini, Darjeeling, Sauraha etc. will make them refreshed and will expose them to mesmerizing natural beauty. They can travel with their family, friends, relatives. They can visit various cultural religious and historical places about which they have studied during their school days. They will get a new experience and perhaps these moments will be unforgettable ones for them.

Another option for the SLC appeared is to take some computer courses. This age is the age of computers and having knowledge in computer will help them move with the time.

Hence in my opinion to aim to be one step ahead by taking the bridge course is just an illusion for the SLC appeared. This is my own experience and if you can learn with the help of others’ experience you need not have any bitter experience yourself.

Bigyan Gautam

Class: XI

NASA International College

(Source: The Rising Nepal)