Websites that deal with scholarship programs abroad


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For international students, getting into a college or university is not the end of the ordeal; especially with financial aid applications right next in their bucket list.  Here are five websites that deal with financial aid for students applying to colleges in different parts of the world. 


Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an official government website that deals with scholarships, grants and student loans for colleges and universities in the US. Students who have already decided college/s to apply for, can apply directly for federal student loans as well as private college loans which are non-need based, credit based student loans. The school codes are available on the website. Get your FAFSA pin and start working on the form already.

Study in Australia (

This website covers financial aids for international students regarding various educational sectors like vocational education and training, student exchanges, undergraduate and postgraduate study and research. The database available on the website lists all scholarships provided by Australian-based organizations, institutions and government bodies for international students.

Education in the UK (

This website provides individual information and application processes of colleges and universities in the UK and deals with, as the website suggests, “scholarships and bursaries.” The search panel on the website has a database of 3000 scholarships and 150,000 courses available in British institutions along with guides to visas and applying for courses and financial aid.

Scholarship Portal (

Scholarship Portal collectively hosts information on financial aid programs of colleges and universities in European nations for aspirants. All available information on funding opportunities such as grants, fellowships and scholarships are monitored by scholarship providers themselves.