Urgent notice regarding admission in the post-graduate level in the affiliated colleges of IOM, TU



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The date for the admissions in the post-graduate levels for different education programs in the affiliated medical and dental colleges according to the qualification priority order of 'Open House counselling' as previously specified for the time duration of 2074/03/25 and then ordered by the Prime Minister's office to be completed within seven days of 2074/03/22 in a press report, as per the notice it is informed to all the concerned parties that the time limit for the admissions is extended to date 2074/03/29 till 3 pm in the noon. Along with that, it is also informed that the concerned colleges should publish all the information regarding the admissions online within 8 pm on the same day.

The mentioned colleges have been notified about the students' admissions through email and having been received email they are expected to act accordingly and if not then colleges are informed to admit students on the basis of this notice.

All the information regarding the students to be admitted and the colleges are available in the institution's website www.iom.edu.np.

Member Secretary

Post-Graduate level Entrance Examinations Administrator Committee- 2073/2074