TUTH lacks land to construct building after graveyard is likely to expand



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The building construction for a medical college of the TU Teaching Hospital (TUTH) has been obstructed after the burial ground was likely to be expanded owing to the waiting disposal of large number of unattended dead bodies piled since 2015 earthquake.

Acting Campus Chief Prof Dr Rohit Kumar Pokharel said, "We are going to erect a seven-storied state-of-the-art building in three ropani land. But, the bodies of the unidentified persons including foreigners killed during the earthquake have to be buried expanding the graveyard area, which again would encroach upon the proposal sites of construction."
Building construction in the space has been halted after 32 dead bodies of Nepalis and others of foreigners, whose identity was still unascertained.
The campus administration said that no decision had been taken whether to shift the dead bodies or to incinerate, adding that the campus administration had no authority to dispose the dead bodies of the foreigners on its own discretion.
Acting Campus Chief Pokharel said that preparations were on to coordinate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the management of the dead bodies including that of foreigners.
Prof Dr Harihar Wasti, Chief of Department of Forensic Medicine, however, confided that he was ignorant of the issue relating to the construction of the building albeit he had heard the rumour.
Dr Wasti shared," The dead bodies have been buried in the land here for more than four decades. Thousands of corpses have been buried over the decades."

According to him, once a corpse is buried in a place, no other dead body could be buried in the same place. Hence, there has been issue facing the management of the yet-to-be-ascertained dead bodies in lack of adequate space and land.
"The government should pay attention to the proper management of such corpses," he argued.
The new building will feature advanced lab and research centre, said Acting Chief Pokharel, adding that the construction of new building was taken into consideration due to the lack of physical infrastructure.
More than 50 programmes are operative under in the Maharajgunj Medical College but the concerned sides pay heed to the inadequacy of physical infrastructures to support the effective implementation of those programmes. RSS