TU published results of MA first year Population Studies and History



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Tribhuvan University office of the controller of examination, Balkhu today published the results of  Master of Arts (MA) Population Studies First year and MA History First year.

The examination was held on  Mangsir/Poush 2071. 

You can view your result online at tu.edusanjal.com. Colleges can view the results of their students by login to tu.edusanjal.com/college  (As soon as we got result file from TU OCE we will publish result online).

Since last two years, we are requesting current TU OCE chief to give us permission to publish full result with marksheet online, but we have not yet got the permission. We have built the system to display full result with Marksheet nearly 2 years ago, when the past TU OCE chief asked us to do so. 

We request students to talk with their respective colleges to make provisions of viewing result online and colleges can request TU OCE for the same. We already had ready made application for this. As soon as we got permission we can start giving this service.

We also has our own SMS number (7676), but TU OCE has not given us permission to use that SMS number too.