Tribhuvan University to merge subjects having less students



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Tribhuvan University to merge the programs with less than ten number of students. If a college has less than ten students in any program/subject then such programs will be merged with the nearest college.

The policy had been brought forward after analyzing the trend of enrollment in some subjects under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.According to Ridish Pokhrel, Chief of Planning Divison Tribhuvan University, "After approval of the policy from TU Senate meeting on Sunday (13th August, 2017) the policy of merger will be implemented.

Enrollment in subjects like: History, Geography, Culture, Nepal Bhasa, Anthropology, Nepali; is in decresing trend every year.

The trend is a result of students preference for new, more specialized subjects that can land them into job market easily.

According to the policy if a college has less than 10 students, than the students will be taught in the nearest campus which teaches the same subject. Number of students in MA(History) at TU is four, and there are more teachers than students.

Prof. Shiva Bhusal, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences said " The policy had not been taken to scrap the subjects rather it is to manage subject coordination between the colleges." Prof. Bhushal further adds University needs to revise and upgrade the curriculum of those subjects to make them attractive.