Top Ten Scorer of SLC Result 2071



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Who is the topper of SLC Board Exam 2071? Which school gave outstanding result in SLC exam? Is the SLC Topper a boy or a girl?

If these are the questions, that are coming in your minds, you can get the answer about those questions in this blog.

This blog post contains information regarding students securing Highest Marks in SLC examination 2071. If you think that you or your students can be among the Top scorer and want to participate in this competitive ranking, fill the form below and submit valid information with us (Our team will cross check the submitted response).

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We are currently compiling the data and verifying the collected information.This Top Ten List is the preliminary one extracted for verified data so far.. As we get more information, the rank may change later.

Some entries with >700 marks (Out of 800)

Topper of SLC Batch-2071

  1. Deechit Poudel- Total Marks-752 (94%)
    1. Schools Name: Kathmandu Valley View School, Mid Baneshwor)
    2. Marks obtained: English-95; Nepali-86; Mathematics-98; Science-98; Social Studies-83; Health, Population and Environment-93; Additional Mathematics-99; Computer Science-100.
  2. Top-2 (Nepal Top-Girl)
    1. Bhawana Aryal (93.87%)
    2. Schools Name: Shanti Namuna Higher Secondary School, Manigram
    3. Likely Title: District Topper/First Board Topper from Community School
  3. Top-3
    1. Arun Aryal* (Marks Obtained-749; Percentage-93.625%)
    2. School's Name: Everest English Boarding Higher Secondary School , Butwal
    3. Outstanding marks: Scored 100/100 in Compulsory Mathematics.
  4. Top-3
    1. Sujan Paudel* (Total Marks-749; Percentage-93.625%)
    2. Green Plant Higher Secondary School, Devdaha-8, Rupandehi
  5. Top-4
    1. Manoj Bhandari* (Percentage-93.50%)
    2. Kanti Higher Secondary School, Rupandehi
  6. Top-5
    1. Pragati Dahal (93.375%)
    2. Gyankunj Higher Secondary School, Rabibhawan, Kalanki
  7. Top-6
    1. Aditya Kumar jha (Marks Obtained-746; Percentage-93.25%)
    2. School's Name-Green lawns English Boarding School, Balkhu
  8. Top-7:
    1. Nidhi Sing- Total Marks-745 (93.125%)
    2. School's Name: Oxford Higher Secondary School, Rupandehi
    3. Outstanding marks: Computer Science-100/100
  9. Top-7
    1. JN Milan-Total Marks-745 (93.125%)
    2. Paramount Boarding Higher Secondary School Tilottama-5 Nayamil Rupandehi
  10. Top-8
    1. Suraj Jung Karki (Marks Obtained-743;92.875%)
    2. Nobel Academy Higher secondary School New baneshwor , Kathmandu
  11. Top-9
    1. Rohit Singh*: (Marks obtained-742; 92.75%)
    2. Schools Name: Monastic Higher Secondary English Boarding School, Janakpurdham
  12. Top-9
    1. Simran Shrestha (Marks obtained-742; 92.75 % )
    2. Souvenir Boarding School, Bidur-3, Battar, Nuwakot
  13. Top 10
    1. Abinash Man Karmacharya (Marks obtained-738; Percentage-92.25%)
    2. AVM Higher Secondary School, Man Bhawan, Lalitpur
  14. Top-10
    1. Purnima Thapa (Marks obtained-738; Percentage-92.25%)
    2. School's Name: Scholars Home Boarding High School, Rupandehi
  15. Top-10
    1. Abhishek Kafle (Total Marks-738; Percentage-92.25%)
    2. Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School, Rupandehi.
  16. Top-11
    1. Bibek Chalise - (Marks Obtained-737; 92.125%)
    2. Schools Name: Valley View English School, Kathmandu
  17. Top-11
    1. Rashmi Regmi (Marks Obtained-737; Percentage-92.125%)
    2. Sagarmatha Higher Secondary Boarding School, Rupandehi
  18. Top-11
    1. Devi Bhattarai (Marks Obtained-737; Percentage-92.125%)
    2. Kanti Higher Secondary School, Butwal
  19. Top-12
    1. Parikshit chalise (Total Marks-736; Percentage-92%)
    2. Budhanilkantha School,Narayansthan,Kathmandu
  20. Top-13
    1. Sachin Giri (Marks Obtained-735; Percentage-91.875%)
    2. School's Name: KMC School , Kathmandu
  21. Topper-14
    1. Suraj Kumari Gaire* (Marks obtained-734; 91.75%)
    2. Pushpa Kunja High School
  22. Top-15
    1. Sandes Lamsal*: (Marks obtained-733; 91.625%)
    2. Shishu Niketan Higher Secondary School Pokhara
  23. Top-16
    1. Puspa Raj Neupane (Marks obtained-731; 91.375%)
    2. North East English Secondary School, Duwakot-3, Bhaktapur
  24. Top-16
    1. Subash Subedi (Marks obtained-731; Percentage-91.375%)
    2. School's Name: Buds Academy, Baidam, Pokhara
  25. Top-17
    1. Arju Pokhrel: (Marks obtained-730; 91.25%)
    2. Valley view English School, Mid-baneshowr,kathmandu.
  26. Top-17
    1. Milan Aryal (Total Marks-730; Percentage-91.25%)
    2. Swati Sadan Higher Secondary School, Balaju-16, Machhapokhari, Kathmandu.
  27. Top-18
    1. Pooja Bhusal (Marks Obtained-729; 91.125%)
    2. Oxford Higher Secondary School, Butwal-10, Rupandehi
  28. Top-18
    1. Sujan Timilsina (Total Marks-729; Percentage-91.125%)
    2. Shree Shanta Higher Secondary School,Pokhara-26,bhakunde
  29. Top-19
    1. Darpan Sapkota* (Marks Obtained- 727; Percentage-90.875%)
    2. Rastriya Vibhuti Samudayik Shiksha Sadan Dumarwana-4, Bara
  30. Top-19
    1. Sushant Regmi (Marks obtained-727; Percentage-90.875%)
    2. Schools Name: Shishu Niketan Higher Secondary School,Birauta-17,Pokhara
  31. Top-19
    1. Rochak Gautam ( Marks obtained-727; 90.875%)
    2. Public English Secondary Boarding School, Pyuthan
    3. Special title: District Topper-Pyuthan
  32. Top-20
    1. Sabina Neupane* (Marks obtained-726; 90.75%)
    2. School's Name: Sublime Higher Secondary school, Kaski Pokhara

*Roll number with Marks has been verified. Name of Student and its relation with school mentioned is under verification. As we have got many entries with same roll number but different school name/student name.

(If you have scored more than the students mentioned above, send us your roll number and Date of Birth, Proof of your school name (Scan copy of admit card) to or, we will revise the Rank accordingly)