Top Ten Business Schools of Nepal according to NewBusiness Age



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After two months long detailed study conducted by the New Biz Team and the jury process, the Kathmandu University School of Management has emerged as the top Business School of Nepal in the Everest Bank National B-Schools Rating Ranking & Awards held in 2013, with Shanker Dev Campus coming second and Ace School of Management coming third. 

The study had focused on a multi-parameter evaluation of the more than 40  B-Schools from all across Nepal. It combined perceptive study by a panel of jury members comprising HR Managers of corporate houses, senior academic and administrative veterans, along with perception analysis of current and past students and empirical data of performance given by the B-Schools themselves on several criteria. 

Based on these data given by the participating 40+ B-Schools and the perceptions of a few current and past students, the jury evaluated the participating schools on a total score of 140. The B-Schools which score above 100 were ranked as per their score to occupy the first nine positions which have 14 B-Schools in total. 

It is interesting to note that the specific sector of travel, tourism and hotel management colleges, the veteran government sector college NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management) comes first, followed very closely by the younger private sector institute, International School of Tourism. Among the younger below ten years life-span institutes, King’s College of Kathmandu stood as the winner. 

Among the B-Schools outside the valley, Presidency College of Management of Chitwan comes first, while Crimson and Tilottama Colleges in the Western Region follow closely being the joint Western Region winners. Purvanchal University Management Department is the winner from the Eastern Region. There was no participation from the Mid-West and Far- Western Regions of Nepal. 

With regards to distant and online mode of education, International Centre for Academics providing IGNOU courses in Kathmandu emerged the winner. 

The jury consisted of former Dean of Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management Prof Dr Parasar Koirala, former Education Secretary of Nepal Dipendra Bikram Thapa, HR Manager of Javra Software Manoj Giri, HR Manager of Everest Bank Limited Kumar Joshi, HR Manager of the Amravati Group Madhu Paudel, and the Managing Director Real Solutions and, Shailendra Raj Giri.

According to the ranking the top ten Business Schools of Nepal are: 

  1. Kathmandu University School of Management  : Best B-School of Nepal
  2. TU Management Shankar Dev Campus: Second Best B-School of Nepal
  3. Ace Institute of Management : Third Best B-School of Nepal
  4. NATHM (Tourism and Hotel Management) : BEST Tourism College and Third Best B-School
  5. Presidency College of Management : Best Out of Kathmandu B-School and Fourth Best Overall B-School
  6. IST: International School of Tourism : Second best Tourism College and Fourth Best B-School of nepal
  7. Kings College : Best Emerging B-School of Nepal and Fifth Best Overall B-School
  8. Thames International College : Sixth Best B-School of Nepal
  9. White House graduate School of Management: Sixth Best B-School of Nepal
  10. Crimson College : Best B-School of Western Reigon and Seventh Best B-School of Nepal
  11. Tilottama College : Best B-School of Western Reigon and Seventh Best B-School of Nepal
  12. L A College of Management : Eighth Best B-School of Nepal
  13. Prime College : Eighth Best B-School of Nepal
  14. College of Applied Business : Ninth Best B-School of Nepal
  15. ICA Institute : Best Distant Education B-School of Nepal
  16. Purbanchal University Management Campus : Best Eastern Region B-School of Nepal