The Glamour Of 10+2


The Rising Nepal

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These days, we are getting to see many new young faces in the city. Some of them are accompanied by their guardians and others by their friends. Obviously, they are fresh SLC graduates from outside the Kathmandu Valley who just passed the exams in first division with distinction marks and are in search of an appropriate college to join. Students who obtained more than 80 per cent marks in the SLC usually come to Kathmandu to pursue higher education.

However, they seem confused by the glamorous ads put up by the mushrooming number of colleges, and visit one institution after another. There they bargain over the admission and other fees with the college operators without learning much about the college. Even the learned guardians of the valley are not free from such confusion. However, unlike the students and guardians from outside the valley, the local guardians have a bit more knowledge about how colleges operate here.

St. Xavier’s college of Maitighar is obviously the first choice of many students who wish to take up science. Apart from quality education, it comes at a more affordable cost. SOS of Bhakatpur, Prashadi Academy of Patan are other choices.

Interestingly, many students from outside choose a college based on word of mouth and on the impression they have gained from watching their ads on TV. For example, Little Angels is found to be the first choice of many students who hail from Jhapa and Ilam. The reason is not known. Likewise, many talk about Golden Gate College.

Even Aakriti Pandey, who secured the highest marks in the SLC, seems confused.. There were reports that several colleges were ready to pay a huge amount to lure her to their college. Rumours were rife that some colleges had offered her as much as Rs. 2.5 million. Some colleges even tried to mislead the students by publishing ads that hinted she had enrolled in their college. But she has so far refused, which means her price is much higher.

Before, there were news reports that she had joined Universal College. Interestingly; she did not try to enroll at St. Xavier’s and other colleges which keep themselves aloof from commercialisation. Although it is not known whether she will choose a particular college that bids the highest, she has left ample room for guess work.

In fact, it is intriguing that when many poor and genuine students are unable to enroll in the 10+ 2 colleges due to the high admission fees they charge, some colleges are ready to pour millions of rupees on a student only to promote the business of their college. Had Aakriti requested the colleges to provide free education to her poor colleagues instead of paying her, she might have emerged as a model girl.

(Source: The Rising Nepal: Published on the Rising Nepal)