Textbook shortage issue: JEMC disowns responsibility


Himalayan News Service

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 Janak Education Materials Centre (JEMC) has stated that it was not to be blamed for the shortage of textbooks because the other concerned bodies failed to avail materials and number of students on time.

The JEMC said that it is solely facing complaints for failing to make textbooks available on time. It claims that the weakness lies not only at the centre but also other related bodies as well.

This is time for printing textbooks in full swing. However, JEMC is in confusion to print textbooks because of the rumour that some textbooks are going to be changed.

JEMC prints textbooks as per the materials made available by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) and number determined by the Department of Education (DoE). But, the centre has not yet received the number for this year.

Manohar Lamichhane, spokesperson at JEMC said that, CDC has informed us that they are going to change the textbooks of class six this year. But the changed content of the textbooks has not been made available.

"I hear that the CDC is planning to change the textbooks of some subjects of class eight and nine as well while we have already started to print those textbooks," said Lamichhane.

Such a difficult situation causes losses to JEMC on the one hand and it will not be possible to make textbooks available on time on the other, he added.

However, CDC is not ready to accept the blame of JEMC.

According to Khagraj Baral, director of CDC, the CDC had earlier informed JEMC to print all textbooks except that of class six. On Thursday, a decision was taken not to change class six textbook.

Baral said, CDC is piloting the class six textbooks in 100 schools across the country this year. So, the textbooks will change from 2070 BS academic session on the basis of results of the piloting.

Regarding the changes in the textbooks of class eight and nine, CDC updated only some information in Social Studies, about which CDC had already informed JEMC orally, he said.

Similarly, JEMC has not yet received the final number of students from the Department of Education. So, every year JEMC prints the textbooks hypothetically by increasing ten per cent from that of last year.

The Education Ministry asks JEMC to print textbooks on the basis of the flashed report on the number of students. However, JEMC blames that this number is not reliable because it is often exaggerated. As a result, all the printed textbooks cannot be sold.

This year, JEMC is planning to print around 21,300,000 textbooks. Some addition will be made after receiving final number from the Ministry.

The Education Ministry committed that it will make available the number of students within this week.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)