Temporary Teachers' Struggle Committee announced protest program



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The Temporary Teachers´ Struggle Committee (TTSC) has fixed agitation programs, saying the Teachers´ Service Commission did not include them in the advertisements called by it.
The Commission had published open advertisement on January 4 only for the temporary teacher s working until April 23, 2006.
Stating that the decision was irrational and discriminating, Chairman of the Struggle Committee, Dhurendra Prasad Chaurasiya, said that government´s attention was drawn to make all the temporary teacher s and teacher s on contract working so far, permanent, through the same process.
Chaurasiya also warned of launching a stern agitation from February 23 if the Ministry of Education did not address their demands.
The Struggle Committee claimed that this advertisement was against the agreement reached between the government and agitating teacher s´ fronts on March 16, 2012.
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