Technical education


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Technical education provides us with the knowledge and use of some kind of special skills. It gives special skills in some particular field. Engineering, agriculture, weaving, carpentry etc. all come under technical education. It means theoretical and practical knowledge in using machines and instruments. Technical education gives us more than what academic education does. It is the reverse of academic education. Academic education makes us academically sound. But one who is well-versed in technical education is called a technician. A technician can repair or use machines.

Technical education can be helpful to us in many ways. Technicians can construct factories, roads, bridges, canals etc. They can also be skilled in driving vehicles. Good technicians follow scientific methods of agriculture and produce better and large quantities of crops. They can operate machines in industries and can manufacture large quantities of goods. They also can operate telephones and wireless sets. Technicians can contribute a lot to the developmental field and communication sectors of the country. Thus, the country can be best benefited by technical education.

It is technical education that helps the nation to be self-dependent. At the same time, it helps her people to be self reliant. Technical education helps to solve the problem of unemployment. Unemployment has been a great threat to our country. Our country is in need of great technicians. There is a great demand of technicians in the field of agriculture, industry, trade, business and communication. Technicians can contribute a lot in such development fields. The technicians do not have to remain unemployed like our other general university graduates. Even if these technicians do not get jobs, they can stand on their own. They create jobs for themselves and other people. They can start their own industries or trade. In a developing country like ours, they have better scope and opportunity.

The development of the country cannot be imagined until and unless it gives due emphasis on technical education. Nepal lacks technical manpower. This is one of the reasons of our slow development. We have few technical schools and colleges in our country which seems to be insufficient. Time has come to think of establishing technical schools and colleges. Otherwise, we have to depend on other countries and hire technicians from abroad for which we have to pay a lot of money. We cannot undertake any development projects without technicians.


Prerana Shrestha

BE Third Year

Himalayan College of Engineering

(Source: The Rising Nepal)