Teaching as an option


Republica National Daily

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A teacher famous as a spoken word poet, Taylor Mali, in his poem ‘What Teachers Make’ says that teaching is not about the money rather the impact that it creates on students. As a teacher, “I make a…difference,” says Mali.

When choosing to work as a kindergarten teacher, one should keep in mind the fact that kindergarten teachers are the first people to familiarize children to a systematic learning environment at the early ages of the children. Though teachers in preschool and kindergarten don’t necessarily require a graduate degree, they are required to take some teacher training programs. 

When it comes to primary and secondary school teaching, teachers are responsible for teaching major subjects such as Nepali, English, Math, Social Studies, Science and Health & Population. The preparations of lesson and assignment plans are also done by teachers. 

Educational requirement for teachers of primary and secondary levels is at least a four year graduate degree. Personality traits of a good teacher include good communication skills, the virtue of not being bias, having a sincere caring attitude, a strong sense of responsibility, authority, discipline and patients.