Teachers not permitted to work in two schools: DoE


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The Department of Education (DoE) has directed all district education offices (DEOs) across the country to not allow any teacher to work simultaneously in two different educational institutes.

The DoE has recently circulated its directives to all the DEOs through regional education directorates (REDs) after the Kailali DEO officially expressed dilemma over allowing a teacher to teach in two different schools.

Chakra Adhikari, a teacher at Birendra Bidya Mandir in Tikapur, had sought permission to teach in Janata Higher Secondary School in Munuwa village of Kailali district as well. “After Adhikari´s case surfaced, we dug out more such cases,” said Rakesh Srivastav, District Education Officer (DEO) of Kailali.

“Our preliminary investigation has revealed that at least nine teachers are working simultaneously in two different schools. We suspect there are more teachers drawing salaries from two schools.”

The Kailali DEO is trying to dig out more such cases, according to Srivastav. “We have instructed all our resource persons and school inspectors to report to us if they come across such cases,” Srivastav said. “All teacher organizations have also assured us of their support in our investigation.”

Srivastav says Adhikari´s case is just the tip of the iceberg. “In fact, this problem is prevalent across the country,” Srivastav said. “When I raised this issue in a recent nationwide conference of all 75 DEOs, many of DEOs said that they are too are facing similar problems.”

In its directives, the DEO has made it amply clear that no teacher can work in two different schools at the same time. “It is a gross misuse of our scarce resources,” said Ganesh Poudel, under secretary at School Administration Section of the DoE.

In fact, the education regulations have clearly stated that a permanent teacher can not take up another full-time job without resigning from his post. However, he can assume another part time job with prior written approvals from the concerned DEO and the School Management Committee (SMC).

“Our regulations are crystal clear,” said Poudel. “However, some teachers have been found to misinterpret these regulations. Our recent directives have just reasserted what education regulations have already stated.”

As per the DEO directives, not only those holding permanent government teaching quotas, but even relief-quota teachers cannot work simultaneously in two different schools.

(Source: Republica National Daily: written by: Om Astha Rai for Republica National Daily)