Teachers demand permanent status


Himalayan News Service

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The district level union of teachers and staffs of private and organizational schools, sunsari submitted a 10 point demand to different schools of Dharan asking the school administration for increasing the facilities and services to them.

The union demanded that they should be provided with appointment letters that must clearly state the fix amount of salary and post. They added that soon after they complete 240 days working at their respective schools, then the schools must give them permanent status. They are also asking for a 24-day holiday as per education regulation and facilities as per Education Act.

The committee further demanded that the government should form new policy for securing social security of teachers and school staffs, like the arrangements provident funds, medical allowances, festival allowances, unemployment allowances, and pension.

If the demands were not heeded, then the Union would padlock the chamber of the District Education Officer and would draw the attention of the PABSON and N-PABSON of Sunsari, Union’s Sunsari President Surendra Ghimire said.

In Gaighat, it is reported that the amounts allocated to various schools in Udayapur district for school management and operation every year have been massively siphoned off. It has been disclosed from some schools in Udayapur that the fund provided to the schools by District Education Office is being embezzled by concerned school headmaster taking school management into confidence.

Every year, the District Education Office has been allocating Rs. 42,000 for a primary level school, Rs. 64,000 for lower secondary school and Rs. 156,000 for secondary school for the school management and employees remuneration.

But, this amount has been misappropriated in some of the schools of Udayapur in collaboration of headmaster and school management committee by ignoring the directives in writing from the District Education Office and Education Ministry.

It has come to police notice that office peon of Bhimsen Adarsha lower secondary school in Hadiya VDC of Udayapur has been receiving remuneration Rs. 1,100 per month and rest of the amount of his salary has been siphoned off by school headmaster and management committee chairperson.

It was made public when peon Sukdev Danuwar recently submitted an application to school council complaining that he has been receiving monthly salary Rs. 1,100 and rest of the amount is being misappropriated by school headmaster and management committee chairperson.

The same cases are reported in most of the schools in the district including Triyuga municipality area.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)