The system of Open-book examination in Nepal



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The Higher Level Education Commission has put forward the idea of Open-book examination for the students. There is a general trend in students to fear of forgetting the things they have learnt at class and home for the exams. Due to this fear and forgetfullness, students are inclined to activities such as cheating and copying the answers.

 Office of the Examianiton Controller has to bring strict and better regulations each time for fair conduction of the School level and Univeristy examinaitons.

 According to the educaitonist and memeber of the commission, Dr. Bidhyanath Koirala, this method of examination can bring a new way of evaluation of the students. The students could be sent to a library where they could be assessed for searching of a solution to a question and the way of creating and  presenting an answer.

Open-book exams are already included in the formal education of the Western countries’ Universities. The Higher Level Educaiton Commission of Nepal has already included the plan in the recommendation of the preliminary memorandum .

The memorandum postulates the arrangement of the Open-book examination for the regulated way of examination and that students should be taught to paraphrase and create excerpts from the text. This system of examination is already employed in A level and chartered accountancy courses of Nepal.

Chairman of N-PABSON, Subash Neupane has welcomed this proposal of the commission.

The 65 membered Higher Level Education Commision formed under the chairmanship of the Education Minister Gopal Man Shrestha on Bhadra 19 has the tenure unitll Magh 19, 2074.

The Commission was formed in order to improve and make changes in the curriculum from the primary child development to the University level Education. The Commission has submitted its preliminary memorandum on Poush 4 on which additional discussion is done on Wednesday and the final memorandum will be submitted after collection of necessary suggestions.