Subject of computer taught without using a computer



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The students of Malika Secondary School of Rukum are compelled to study and give exams of the Computer subject without using a computer.

Students from grade 6 to 10 have to take the course, however they are limited to the oral teaching and the books only.

The seven computers of the school have been stored as they became dysfunctional in the last academic session. The school however has not been able to do the necessary repairing.

Similar is the condition of the neighbouring school of Musikot Muncipality, Mahakali Secondary School. 16 out of 20 computers have been in useless state due to the lack of maintenance and repairing.

The two schools being the instances of the several other schools of Rukum , students have been lacking the necessary infrastructure such as computers to fulfill the basic requirement of the modern day academics.

Similarly, the solar system that was installed to run the computer system has also gone awry. The principals of the schools tell that the lack of management and space has led to such problems.

The District Education Officer, Karna Bahadur Kunwar states that they have been aware of the problem and it would soon be addressed.The DEO would soon call a meeting of the school administrations where the problems will be discussed and tried to be resolved.

Many of the schools of the district have been supplied with computers but they have been unutilized due to lack of management and mantainence.

(Source: Kantipur)