Studying BBA in Nepal


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After taking up A-Levels and completing my high school years, I was at a crossroads on what to do next. The enrichment the course endorsed by Cambridge University had given me wouldn’t let me settle for any less. The bandwagons said ‘Go abroad!’ while my family and seniors said ‘Make it big here.’

I didn’t know what to do for myself.
I then decided to take a gap year, breathing and continuing despite the scathing “Oh, year loss”. In the gap year, I started to look out for opportunities and capitalized on them. The realization of how much this country had to offer an individual if one had the willingness and ability hit me then.

I also did thorough researches on what course I should take up which would match my interests and was saleable in the market, and through research found out that the BBA course offers an integration of various disciplines from core management to social sciences and informational technology; preparing students to become competent, skilled, and socially responsible professionals.

There were a number of colleges that offered this course tying up with universities—Apex College , Ace Institute of Management , Thames International College , Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) , and Kathmandu College of Management (KCM), among others.

Among them, KCM got my attention because this college, established in 1997, was the pioneer of BBA in Nepal. And it had quite a renowned brand name in the market. However, I wanted to find out for myself if it was worth four years of investment.

In that process, one of my friends who had enrolled into this institution asked me to be a part of one of their flagship events – Nepal Management Symposium. The concept of the event was the leaders of today and tomorrow converging at different management functions. Interestingly enough, I signed up and attended the event.

Boy, to my amazement, the event was incredible. The students themselves had taken the lead, marketed the event and managed to gather industry experts and management professionals to Hotel Shanker. They enlightened the participants from a synergy of different colleges throughout the country on the various emerging issues and insights in management.

The first impression is a lasting impression, they say. That symposium, together with the market research, KCM’s learning center, the best pool of faculty were reasons which drew me to join this institution over others.

BBA in itself is a 120-credit-hours comprehensive Bachelor’s degree program which grooms students with the right blend of theory, exposures and networking through internships in such a way that they can effectively be a part of managerial, entrepreneurial and leadership roles in business and social organizations today.

In my case, having undergone the BBA experience at KCM, the academic rigor has broadened my subject-related knowledge horizons. And that knowledge has been very well applied and polished by practicing leadership, management and communication functions every day through countless opportunities, like events organizing, being a part of other relevant big-shot events of the country, such as FNCCI conferences, economic summits, business conclaves, banks’ AGMs, and participating and putting together other club events.

It’s the perk of studying BBA that you don’t need to road-map your ambition in a particular industry, the skill sets you learn, like selling your ideas, practicing management and leadership, strengthening and engaging human resources, among others fits you in any organization you want to work for.
I’ve made my choice through researches and outright exposures. Now you make yours, wisely.

SNIGDHA BARAL-The writer is an undergraduate student of Business Administration at Kathmandu College of Management in Imadol, Lalitpur.